Guardsquare Receives Prestigious Cyber Threat Intelligence Award at Total Communications Conference 2020


In a landmark event held on November 19, 2020, at the Marquee Hall, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan, the 3rd International Conference organized by Total Communications brought together professionals from various tech sectors. Among the distinguished attendees were representatives from the financial industry, hardware manufacturing, firewall technology companies, antivirus companies, and the mobile app security sector.

Guardsquare’s Triumph in Mobile App Obfuscation:

The highlight of the conference was the presentation of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Award to Guardsquare for its outstanding performance in mobile app obfuscation. Guardsquare emerged as the leader in this critical aspect of application security, surpassing its competitors. The award recognizes Guardsquare’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of cybersecurity threat intelligence.

Innoviortech’s Role as Official Partners and Distributors:

Innoviortech proudly announced its role as the official partners and distributors of Guardsquare in Pakistan and the UAE. As a key player in managing 90 percent of banks through the provision of obfuscation software in Pakistan, Innoviortech showcased its expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions for mobile app security.

The Significance of Mobile App Obfuscation:

In a dedicated segment of the conference, the team at Innoviortech provided comprehensive information about the importance of mobile app obfuscation. The session highlighted the critical role obfuscation plays in safeguarding sensitive information and preventing potential cyber threats. The professionals from Innoviortech shared insights into the significance of their partnership with Guardsquare and how it contributes to enhancing the security landscape in the region.

Exclusive Availability via Innoviortech:

Guardsquare’s award-winning mobile app obfuscation technology is exclusively available through Innoviortech. This strategic partnership ensures that businesses in Pakistan and the UAE have access to state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, reinforcing their defense against evolving cyber threats.

The Symbol of Security:

To visually emphasize the commitment to security, we proudly display the shield image throughout this blog. The shield serves as a powerful symbol, representing strength, protection, and resilience against cyber threats. It encapsulates the essence of Guardsquare’s award-winning cybersecurity solutions and Innoviortech’s dedication to fortifying digital landscapes.


The Total Communications Conference 2020 proved to be a milestone event, recognizing Guardsquare’s excellence in cyber threat intelligence and celebrating the impactful partnership between Guardsquare and Innoviortech. As we look to the future of cybersecurity, this collaboration stands as a beacon of innovation and resilience, promising a secure digital landscape for businesses across the region.

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