Defenders of Client-Side Security

We started Jscrambler in 2010 to solve a crucial yet overlooked security problem. Client-side applications were (and still are) mostly exposed, leaving them vulnerable to compromise. Finding no good solution, we created one and built a company around it.


Application development demands sophistication that’s only possible by using third-party vendors. This creates a complex ecosystem of code, in an uncontrolled environment that can put your business at risk.

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Take back control

Good things happen when you defend the client-side with Jscrambler. Your code becomes resilient to tampering and you stop interference from third-party scripts. Your apps behave as intended. It’s defense-in-depth on every screen.

Protect Your Code

Web and mobile apps are created at a breakneck speed and security is often overlooked, in the haste of being the first in the market. Apps are often deployed directly to the end user with their code exposed, making it extremely simple to read, copy, and tamper with. If code is left unprotected, it can lead to

Control Script Behavior

Today’s web applications are powered by JavaScript, from a handful to hundreds of scripts. This includes both first-party scripts and third-party scripts located on another domain, like tag managers, chatbots and payment services.

Maximize your security

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