Container orchestration is powerful—but no one ever said it was easy. Avoid the pain and get back to mission-critical engineering with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, the enterprise Kubernetes platform for deploying containers at scale.

Use KubernetesSwarm, or both, and experience the fastest time to production for modern applications across any environment.

Streamlined Deployment and Operation

MKE’s streamlined approach to deploying and operating Kubernetes clusters is a game-changer. Organizations can navigate the intricacies of containerized applications with ease, ensuring that the deployment process is not a roadblock but a smooth journey. This streamlining not only saves time but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

Scalability for the Dynamic Digital Landscape

In a digital landscape that demands agility, MKE empowers organizations to scale their containerized workloads efficiently. Whether it’s handling increased demand or adapting to changing business needs, MKE provides the flexibility required to navigate the ever-shifting terrain of digital operations.

Automated Updates for Uninterrupted Performance

One of MKE’s standout features is its ability to provide automated updates. This ensures that organizations are always running on the latest and most secure version, minimizing vulnerabilities and maximizing performance. The automated update feature becomes a silent guardian, allowing businesses to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure maintenance.

Kubernetes, Swarm

Different apps—and different teams—have different container orchestration needs. Use Kubernetes, Swarm, or both depending on your specific requirements.

Simplified cluster management

Get up and running right out of the box—then manage clusters easily and apply updates with zero downtime using a simple web UI, CLI, or API.

Leverage open source

Fine-grained security access control across your platform ensures effective separation of duties, and helps drive a security strategy built on the principle of least privilege.

Maximize your security

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