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Guardians of Cyber Resilience

Welcome to the powerhouse behind [Your Company Name]’s digital fortifications—our elite Cybersecurity Team. Armed with expertise, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your digital realm, we are the Guardians of Cyber Resilience.

Top Management

Cybersecurity is a vast and ever-evolving field, so there’s a lot to cover. We can talk about the basics like password security, two-factor authentication, and keeping software up to date.

Mohammed Salman

CEO & President
Meet our CEO at Innoviortech: A 16- year marketing and sales veteran with an MBA in marketing, and 8 years at the helm Of our company.

Muhammed Kamran

Director IT Solution and Services
Meet our Director of IT Solutions at Innoviortech, boasting 13 years in networking and IT, including 8 ears as Director. With a master's in IT, our leader is the driving force behind our tech solutions.

Ramesh Kumar

Director of support and Infrastructure
Meet our Director of Support and Infrastructure at Innoviortech, a 16-year veteran in networkina and technical support, wfth 8 years leading our team. Polding advanced degrees in computer science, they ensure our operations excel.

Introducing our Middle Management Team:
Architects of Innovation at Innoviortech.

Waqar Saeed

Technical team lead voice and data

Anum Jawed

Regional Marketing and Sales Manager

Hamid baig

Regional Marketing and Sales Manager

What Our Client Say

I am Qaiser Tanvir, the IT Manager at Atlas Asset Management Limited. Over the past six years, our experience with Innoviortech in procuring IP telephony and call recording solutions has been exceptionally positive. Their services have been consistently reliable, and we have not encountered any issues during this period. I highly recommend Innoviortech for their outstanding service and commitment to meeting our firm's needs.

Qaiser Tanvir
IT Manager at Atlas Asset Management Limited

I, Waqar ul Hasan, as the Head of Engineering at JS Zindagi, am pleased to express my commendation for Innoviortech. Over the course of the last three years, their cybersecurity solutions have proven to be of exemplary quality. Throughout this duration, we have experienced a seamless service, devoid of any issues, attesting to Innoviortech's commitment to excellence in meeting our cybersecurity needs.

Waqar ul Hasan
Head of Engineering at JS Zindagi

Throughout our six-year partnership, innoviortech has consistently delivered exceptional cybertech voice recording solutions to Faysal Bank. Their service has been exemplary, with no reported issues during our collaboration. Whenever we encountered any concerns, innoviortech's certified technicians swiftly resolved them in a single visit. We deeply value the local partner's presence, particularly its relevance and support within the financial sector. Our experience with innoviortech has been consistently reliable and highly commendable.

Asim Hasnain

Over the course of the last four years, Askari Bank has consistently employed innoviortech's obfuscation software, and our experience has been exceptionally positive. The quality of service delivered by innoviortech is commendable, with their support team consistently demonstrating responsiveness and proficiency in addressing any queries that arise. Without reservation, I affirm that the decision to engage with innoviortech has proven to be a judicious one for Askari Bank.

Jawad Khalid Mirza
Chief Information Security Officer


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