Mirantis Container Cloud Single-pane infrastructure management for on-prem and cloud environments.  Provisioning and managing cloud native infrastructure doesn’t have to be a moonshot. In fact, it can be as simple as point-and-click.  Mirantis Container Cloud gives administrators and developers the power to deploy Kubernetes and OpenStack environments from a single pane of glass—across on-prem, hosted bare metal, and public cloud

What is Containarisation?

Containerization is a lightweight form of virtualization that allows you to package and isolate applications and their dependencies in a standardized unit called a container. Containers provide a consistent and reproducible environment, ensuring that an application runs the same way across different environments.

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Navigating Excellence with Containerization

Embarking on a journey of operational excellence, containerization emerges as the guiding force for navigating the complexities of modern work dynamics. This transformative technology not only streamlines processes but propels workforce efficiency to new heights. By encapsulating applications in portable containers, it ensures seamless deployment and management, allowing teams to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure intricacies.

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