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Group ib

Understands the threat actors targeting your organization and optimizes your defenses against them. With intelligence at its core, Group-IB’s platform effectively prevents breaches, fraud and other cyber threats

Advanced Threat Intelligence

At the heart of Group-IB’s success is its advanced threat intelligence capabilities. By meticulously analyzing cyber threats and understanding the tactics employed by malicious actors, Group-IB provides organizations with actionable insights to fortify their defenses. This proactive approach is instrumental in preventing cyber attacks before they can inflict damage.

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

Group-IB’s expertise extends beyond threat prevention to incident response and digital forensics. In the aftermath of a cyber attack, their specialized teams work diligently to investigate and remediate the incident. This holistic approach ensures that organizations not only defend against threats but also recover swiftly in the face of adversity.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Financial Institutions

Group-IB has a strong focus on securing the financial sector, offering tailored solutions to protect banks and financial institutions. From detecting fraudulent transactions to mitigating risks associated with online banking, Group-IB’s cybersecurity solutions are designed to safeguard the intricate digital ecosystems of financial organizations.

Audit & Consulting

Group ib is one of the first manufacturers to introduce an effective standard recording solution that will record and store calls with all data securely stored and handled according to regulatory requirements. Over 60 percent of the world’s top 25 banks are using recording solutions based on Mynavoice technology.

Education & Training

Group ib technology is the de facto recording standard for international financial firms capturing many hundreds of thousands of customer interactions and financial transactions each week in all the world’s main financial centres including New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Digital Forensics

Group ib meet regulatory requirements worldwide by providing faster access to recorded calls to enable rapid dispute resolution and clarification of events.
This entire authorisation process is fully documented for a complete audit trail of every event.

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