Mobile app security that encrypts, obfuscates and self protects

Prevent reverse engineering and tampering with Guardsquare’s multi-platform suite of mobile app security solutions.

Focused on the developer

Guardsquare’s solutions are developed based on secure software development principles, with ease of implementation and comprehensive, polymorphic protection against threat actors at their foundation. Our roots are in open source culture, so we’re constantly collaborating, honing our core competencies and exercising best practices.

Optimize workflow and collaborate with teams

  1. Efficiently organize applications.
  2. Integrate security testing into your CI/CD pipelines.
  3. Monitor progress by comparing builds.
  4. Optimize developer effort leveraging findings mapped to OWASP MASVS and by suppressing redundant issues.
  5. Encourage team collaboration with shared reports and through including extended team members.

Minimize disruptions by addressing security bugs early

Feedback when developers are still coding their mobile apps, helps teams avoid interruptions and context-switching that comes with security testing at the end of the development process. By integrating security earlier in the development lifecycle results in less rework, more effective and efficient use of pen-testing, and reduces schedule delays.


Cyber Security


We designed DexGuard to streamline the secure software development lifecycle and make developers’ lives easier while still providing robust protection.

App Sweep

Provides automated mobile app security testing during development, that allows you to identify security concerns early, heading them become larger.

Ix Guard

iXGuard protects mobile apps and SDKs against reverse engineering and tampering — two of the top mobile threats according to OWASP .


The industry-leading threat monitoring solution for iOS and Android mobile app security.Monitor threats in real-time with intuitive.


The Perfect Solution For all Protection

Guardsquare’s holistic approach to protection encompasses a comprehensive suite of solutions developed with a focus on secure software development principles.

Cyber Solutions
Network Security
Web Security
Locker Security


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