At Exus, we take pride in offering a robust suite of software applications designed to revolutionize credit risk management throughout the entire lifecycle of accounts. From the critical moment of disbursement to the inevitable stages of write-off or debt sale, our comprehensive solutions empower financial institutions with unparalleled control and insight.

RiskRevolution by Exus

Embark on a transformative journey in credit risk management with Exus. Our suite of solutions, collectively known as RiskRevolution, redefines how financial institutions navigate the entire lifecycle of accounts. From the crucial disbursement phase to the inevitable write-off or debt sale stages, RiskRevolution empowers institutions with unmatched control and insight.

Debt Collection Solution

EXUS Collections supports the entire debt lifecycle providing automation of routine processes and tasks and supporting customer interaction through traditional and digital channels.

It offers a powerful decision-making engine that is powered by business rules and analytics, incorporating a rich set of metrics without the need of custom development or the need for ongoing IT support.


Even though legal processes differ from country to country, EXUS Legal Recoveries is highly adaptable and allows configuration and monitoring of any kind of legal process, including but not limited to Lawsuits, Payment Orders, Court Appeals, Asset Investigations, and Auctions. And all this, performed by end-users without the need for intervention by IT.

decision analytics

Collections analytics show you where to focus your collection and recovery resources for better resultsOur segmentation engine provides the ability to dynamically define segments of the portfolio, by combining a non-restricting number of customer or account level characteristics, in order to apply alternative treatments to each of them.

Digital Self

The recent Covid-19 virus poses many challenges for banks when it comes to reaching their debtors. Call centers are becoming understaffed or even shutting down operations, hence disarming the phone call channel. Field collectors are advised to stay at home and therefore no debtor can be physically reached. 

Field Collection

Field collections are one of the most, if not the most, costly amongst all debt collection activities. Without careful planning, access to real-time debtor information, and transparency in the whole process, efficiency and effectiveness are really questionable. You can now overcome those inefficiencies and perform targeted field visits using our own

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