As an award-winning software provider trusted by computer experts and users, iTop has been striving to protect your online privacy and improve your digital experience.

Unified Service Desk

At the heart of iTop is its Unified Service Desk, a centralized hub for managing service requests, incidents, and changes. This feature ensures that IT teams have a unified view of all activities, fostering collaboration and swift resolution of issues. It streamlines the entire service management process, from request initiation to resolution.

Configurable and Scalable

One of iTop’s standout features is its configurability. Tailored to adapt to diverse business needs, iTop allows organizations to customize workflows, forms, and data fields without complex coding. This flexibility ensures that the solution scales seamlessly with the growth and evolution of the organization.

Efficient Incident and Problem Management

iTop excels in incident and problem management, providing robust tools for identifying, resolving, and preventing recurring issues. By facilitating a structured and proactive approach to incident and problem resolution, iTop minimizes downtime and enhances the overall reliability of IT services.

Data Recovery

iTop has advanced algorithm to scan and recover lost photos, videos, documents and other important files from various scenarios like deletion, system corruption, virus attack etc.

Password Mananger

iTop’s password manager is the simple solution for protecting and autofilling saved passwords when you need them. Plus, the built-in password generator creates strong passwords.

Private Browser

Browser fingerprint is information collected about you to identify that can’t be deleted or removed. iTop Private Browser employs fingerprint protection to avoid fingerprinting by disguising your online identity.

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