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Guardians of Cyber Resilience

Welcome to the powerhouse behind Innovior tech digital fortifications—our elite Cybersecurity Team. Armed with expertise, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your digital realm, we are the Guardians of Cyber Resilience.

Top Management

Meet our expert management team, a collective force driving innovation and excellence in every endeavor. With a blend of diverse expertise and visionary guidance, our leaders steer the course towards success, shaping the future of technology and beyond.

Mohammed Salman

CEO & President

16 years experience in marketing and sales veteran with an MBA in marketing, and Handwork of 8 years at the helm of our company.

Muhammed Kamran

Director IT Solution and Services

Boasting 13 years in networking and IT, including 8 years as director with a master’s in IT. Our leader is the driving force behind our tech solutions.

Ramesh Kumar

Director Support and Infrastructure

16-year veteran in networking and technical support, with 8 years leading our team. Holding advanced degrees in computer science, they ensure our operations excel.

Introducing our Middle Management Team

Architects of Innovation at InnoviorTech.

Waqar Saeed

Technical team lead voice and data

Anum Jawed

Regional Marketing and Sales Manager

Hamid baig

Director Sales APAC

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