Yeaster Central Management

Yeaster Central Management

Built for MSP, VAR, and other service providers, Yeastar Central Management (YCM) is a centralized platform to simplify service delivery and on-premises devices management.It enables opportunities to quickly launch subscriber-based, as-a-service UC offerings and create a sustainable revenue stream.

30+ Types Of Alarm

With proactive monitoring, should a critical issue occur, you will be notified immediately – even before your customer spot it.

Dashboard For Greater Visibility

A widget-based dynamic dashboard real-time overview of all your managed PBX, including PBX status, device status, alarm trend, tasks status, etc.

Central Repository

Check for firmware updates. Upload backup files and restore PBX. Create and apply PBX provisioning templates.

Subscriptions Overview

View how P-Series Enterprise and Ultimate Plans work for your customers so that you can follow up on expired subscribers.

Shared Admin

Add colleague accounts to co-manage YCM and customers’ devices. Realize granular administration by limiting permissions, grouping devices, etc.

With Yeastar Partner Portal

Yeastar accelerates the purchase process and simplifies your operation by aligning YCM with Yeastar Partner Portal.

Maximize your security

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